As a  Florida Supreme Court-certified Circuit-Civil Mediator, I pride myself in my efforts to do whatever can be done to help the parties settle their disputes.  Often, intellectual property cases settle on terms that result in the parties having ongoing interaction, such as by entering into vendor/supplier or licensor/licensee relationships.  Such negotiations can be complicated, and the parties can benefit greatly from relying on a mediator that is thoroughly familiar with the applicable law, business norms, and the pitfalls to avoid.  

During my over twenty-five years as an attorney, I have focused my practice primarily on intellectual property and business litigation disputes and transactional matters.  My peers have selected me as the Tampa-area "Lawyer of the Year" via Best Lawyers in America voting in five of the last eight years, including in multiple areas of intellectual property law, such as Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property Litigation.  As a registered patent attorney with experience prosecuting and litigating patents, I can also add value to the mediation process in patent cases.  I also have extensive experience litigating trade secrets, non-compete, and business dissolution matters.

I have assisted clients in negotiating and memorializing numerous transactions involving intellectual property, either as a result of litigation or in the general course of business.  This experience allows me to effectively assist the parties in reaching a resolution that benefits both sides even more, in some instances, than payment of a settlement amount.

I also have experience in cases involving Products Liability, Professional Malpractice, Non-Competition, Environmental Liability, Auto Accident and Premises Liability matters.

I offer mediation services at our offices in Tampa or at your offices and am available throughout Florida, including via Zoom.  My rate is  $400/hour, to be split evenly between each side.  Mediations involving more that two "sides" are billed at higher rates.

Please reserve your mediation date by clicking on the Mediation Calendaring Page.  Note that that some of the dates that appear unavailable are being held for other mediations, so please use the form below to inquire about any of those dates, or to have my office reserve a date for you (subject to availability). Mediation start time is set for 9:30 am EST, and is adjusted to your local time zone, but can be modified if the parties choose.​​

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